Stanstechniek gets more out of metal


Automated production lines

During the production process, all our knowledge of technology, materials and, machine construction will come together. The Stanstechniek production lines have been extensively automated. The machines that do punching work, laser cutting, and CMT welding work operate independently most of the time. We process small series production runs, special models, and prototypes during the day shift. Mass production is carried out in the evening and at night.

A well-defined production process strictly speaking makes quality control superfluous; the negative consequences will have already been eliminated during the development process. To exclude any defects, we test the physical product on specially-developed test equipment. We use this equipment to test the end products as much as possible from a practical standpoint under controlled conditions.

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  • Co-Engineering
  • Solving problems
  • Technically up-to-date
  • Creative
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