Stanstechniek gets more out of metal


Stanstechniek Gaanderen has the following quality certifications:



Quality control system

Being aware of the quality that must be delivered is very important to us. We have implemented quality control routines throughout our production quality system. Everyone working in our organisation is quality-conscious. This means everyone working at Stanstechniek is co-responsible for the final result.

Identification on cards, product control forms, and products gives us, our customer, and our suppliers the possibility to take corrective action in the event of any quality deviations (traceability).

Engagement and communication

Information and communication are an essential part of business management in all areas. Being aware of quality awareness means knowing what you do, who you are doing it for, and why you are doing it.

The system is recorded in the Stanstechniek quality manual. This is part of our comprehensive quality system.

The objective is consistently achieving products with zero defects.

Retraining and further training

The Stanstechniek policy is that the people in the organisation are the most important tool in the production process. We consider ourselves to be a “learning” organisation in which any possible improvements are implemented and recorded immediately.

Our employees are taught to share their own ideas to improve the organisation so that our current processes can constantly be improved.

Quality begins with our people

To do what has been agreed in as short a time as possible, with as few raw materials as possible, and with as few additives as possible. Stanstechniek is a manufacturer and supplier of single and multiple sheet metal, complex sheet metal, and assemblies. Stanstechniek has an integrated quality system. The policy is aimed at making supervisory systems, such as the quality system and the health and safety system, a part of the process. Quality is not about a single official, but is instead embedded in the entire organisation (in all employees).

Company resources

The management ensures all employees have access to all the necessary support they require, such as training, materials, tools, support, healthy and safe workplaces, and communication equipment.

Management system

The management system forms the guideline to our organisation together with the dedication, knowledge, and craftsmanship of our employees. It ensures we do what has been agreed with the customer. Our management system describes our organisation and the processes in which ISO standards are embedded.



  • Perfect cooperation
  • Cost-effective
  • Co-Engineering
  • Solving problems
  • Technically up-to-date
  • Creative
  • Thinking with you
  • Reliable delivery