Stanstechniek gets more out of metal


From idea to series production run

Since its foundation in 1963, Stanstechniek has been processing customer-specific products from roll and sheet material for OEM companies. We have a flexible production facility where both small and large series production runs are possible. In the past ten years, we have focused on increasing our knowledge by investing in new technology and training for our employees. This ensures we are more than just a supplier of steel parts.

Stanstechniek is a partner with the knowledge and experience to produce the metal components of the end product as well and cheaply as possible. We design, develop, and produce (semi-completed) products for our clients.

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  • Perfect cooperation
  • Cost-effective
  • Co-Engineering
  • Solving problems
  • Technically up-to-date
  • Creative
  • Thinking with you
  • Reliable delivery